11 best bikini trimmers

11 Best Bikini Trimmers 2021

Finding the best bikini trimmers will always be a daunting task for women who love their skin structure. This review guide can help you to select the best electric trimmer for bikini line.

Things to consider while buying the best bikini trimmers

How to choose the best bikini trimmers? Check the below points.

  • The Design – You should feel comfortable while holding the device
  • Portability – Product with less weight and features is easy to carry around
  • Quality of Blades – Bikini area needs high-quality stainless steel blades for safety
  • LED Lights – Built-in LED lights help to lighten up the bikini area to help a smooth shave
  • Waterproof – Waterproof trimmers are good if you shave in your bathrooms

Best Women’s Bikini Trimmers

#1. Philips BikiniGenie Cordless Bikini Trimmer

Philips BikiniGenie Bikini Trimmer is one of the best bikini trimmers for women who needs their bikini line in shape. You can easily trim the thicker hair with less cuts and irritation on using this cordless trimmer.

The wet and dry features help to use the device in both wet and dry conditions. 

This electric trimmer from Philips is not a rechargeable type bikini trimmer but using AA batteries. This feature might be helpful to carry the trimmer easily while you are travelling. 

The accessories with this trimmer include trimming combs, mini shaving head and storage pouch.


  • Works on wet and dry conditions
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Keeps bikini line perfect
  • Easy to clean


  • Need to replace the batteries, don’t have a recharging option

#2. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women with Bikini Trimmer

Schick Hydro Silk is a 2-in-1 device that comprises one trimmer and one razor. The electric bikini trimmer with the bikini razor gives you the perfect bikini line of your desire.

The bikini razor attached with this trimmer has hydrating properties. The hypoallergenic moisturizing serum present in this best electric razor for women keeps your skin moisturized even after 2 hours aftershave. 

The five curve sensing blade system of this trimmers avoids irritation while shaving close.

Moreover, Schick Hydro Silk Trimmer is waterproof so that you can use the device while showering. 

One drawback is that the trimmer is battery operated. You need to replace the AAA battery once the charge gets over.


  • Waterproof
  • Hydrated Razor with a hypoallergenic moisturizing serum
  • 5-curve sensing blades
  • Can be refilled with Schick refill cartridges
  • Adjustable comb with 4 settings for custom trim length


  • Need to continuously press the power button to operate the trimmer
  • Battery operated, no recharging options

#3. Philips Bikiniperfect Advanced HP6378 Bikini Trimmer

Philips Bikiniperfect Bikini Trimmer is one of the advanced electric bikini trimmers for women to decrease ingrown hairs and irritation while trimming the hairs.

This deluxe Philips Bikini Trimmer has 5 attachments for different trimming, shaving and combing needs such as,

  1. Precision Trimming Head
  2. Micro Trimming Head
  3. Mini Shaving Head
  4. Precision Epilator Head
  5. Eyebrow Comb

These extra attachments make this device one of the best women’s bikini trimmer. The epilator attachment usually no other shavers had incorporated.

The cordless trimmer has wet and dry features so that you can use it both in the shower and in dry conditions.


  • 5 extra attachments to trim, and shave
  • Wet and Dry features
  • Bonus pack with exfoliation glove, tweezers, and pouch


  • Comparatively costly
  • You can’t expect a complete close shave with the shaver attachment

Best Electric Trimmer for Bikini Line

#4. Braun Silk-épil Bikini Trimmer

Braun Silk-epil Bikini Trimmer is the most feminine looking trimmers for the women bikini area. 

The high precision head gives the high detailed styling in the bikini area. The special slim design gives precise lines, shapes or contours while shaving.

2 trimming combs are provided with this trimmer. This trimmer can also be used for eyebrow trimming and styling.


  • High precision heads for perfect bikini lines 
  • 2 combs for trimming bikini area
  • Sleek design with style
  • Can be used in eyebrows too


  • Little noisy

#5. Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Women ES246AC

Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Trimmer is a cordless trimmer for women, easy to carry wherever you go. Two replaceable AA batteries can give you shaving time up to 45 minutes. 

The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are perfect to use on your sensitive skin, no fear of allergic infections.

The five different trim settings allow you to take a close shave by avoiding razor bumps. Moreover, the angled waterproof trimming head helps to cut and remove the unwanted hair easily. 

The AA batteries are not included in the pack, you should buy them separately.


  • Cordless, lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel bikini shaving blades
  • 5 different positioning heads for a close shave


  • Batteries won’t come with the pack – you need to buy them separately
  • Avoid dropping, chances to break the parts

#6. Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer

Schick Quattro Bikini Trimmer is an all in one trimmer for women which can provide you with a complete close shave, works as a razor and a trimmer.

Unlike the other razors in the market, Schick Quattro has four ultra-thin blades with its vibrating and pivoting head provides high flexibility that allows you to follow the natural curves of your legs and body. 

The blades are associated with acai, berry and aloe vera conditioning strips that help to keep your skin moisturized while shaving.

This portable bikini trimmer for ladies operated on an AAA battery that comes with the device.


  • Portable and waterproof
  • Durable and long-lasting blades
  • Moisturized strips with aloes, acai, berry
  • Cordless trimmer, easy to carry around
  • Rubber handle for a comfortable grip


  • Need to replace AAA battery once charge got over

Best Wet Dry Bikini Trimmer

#7. Gillette Venus Bikini Precision Women’s Trimmer

This battery-powered bikini trimmer from Gillette gives you the freedom to use it anytime and anywhere. 

The sleek and compact design of this wet dry bikini trimmer provides you with the feel of holding a pen in hand, that much flexibility, precision and control.

The trimmer head gives you a 90-degree turning angle so that you will get full coverage of your bikini contours for bikini hair removal.

The device included a 5mm extra comb to precisely cut the public hair. 


  • Sleek design perfect to carry 
  • 90 degree angle head
  • 5 mm comb to cut the hair precisely


  • Should trim slowly, it may painful if you go fast

Best Bikini Trimmer for Close Shave

#8. Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer

Conair Satiny Smooth trimmer is an all-in-one trimmer that you can use on your face, body and bikini. The wide blade of this trimmer allows full face and body trimming. 

This cordless trimmer provided with 2 eyebrow combs and nose/ear attachments which helps to remove unwanted hair from the face. 

Unlike the alkaline batteries, the lithium-ion AAA battery which is included in the pack gives more lasting power to the device to operate long hours. 

You have to note that, Conair Precision Trimmer is a dry bikini trimmer, you cannot use it in wet conditions. 


  • Compact and portable
  • Includes Lithium Ion AAA battery
  • Provided with eyebrow combs, ear/nose attachments
  • Wide blade for full-body trimming


  • Can only be used in dry conditions

#9. REMINGTON WPG4020US Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini Kit

REMINGTON WPG4020US Bikini Trimmer included with foil shaver for a close shave. The angled foil shaver gives a comfortable shave to your bikini area. 

Remington Bikini Trimmer has both body and bikini trimming features for quick touch-ups and shaping the bikini line makes it one among the best bikini trimmers for women.

The rotating exfoliator helps to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. Also, provided with a 4-setting length guide which gives you the comfort of adjusting the length while you trim close and sensitive areas. 

Apart from all these features, this bikini trimmer for women can be operated on both wet and dry conditions. 


  • Useful for both bikini and body trimming
  • Foil shaver for a close shave
  • 4-setting length guide to set the length
  • Exfoliator attachment for easy scrubbing
  • Wet and dry operations
  • Included with a beauty bag for storage


  • AA battery has to be replaced, no recharging options

#10. Wahl Pure Confidence Purple Rechargeable Trimmer

Wahl Pure Confidence Trimmer is a complete trimmer that can be used as a bikini trimmer, underarms, face and eyebrows. 

Wahl Trimmer is a rechargeable trimmer for women comes with 3 different grooming heads that can be interchangeable,

  1. Trimmer Head – Easy and painless trimming
  2. Detail Head – Fine detailing
  3. Rotary Shave Head – Skin smooth finish

This portable trimmer is a perfect all in one ladies trimmer that can fit in your travel bag to go where you go.


  • 3 grooming heads for precision trimming
  • Ideal to use on bikini, face, underarms
  • 2-position eyebrow guide 
  • Rechargeable 


  • Sometimes you may face issues with charging

#11. Medimama Women’s Bikini Trimmers

Medimama Women’s Bikini Trimmer

Medimama Women's Bikini Trimmers


  • Can be used as a bikini trimmer, eyebrows trimmer

The three interchangeable heads of Medimama Women’s Bikini Trimmer can function as a complete women trimmer. The product included a Bikini Trimmer Head, Eyebrows Hair Trimmer, Head And Facial Hair Removal combo.

The bikini trimming head is used for cutting long hairs precisely up to 0.5mm.

With the facial trimmer, it is easy to remove the peach fuzz and to trim the eyebrows.

The wet and dry features give you the comfort of using the device under a shower.


  • 3-in-1 lady shaver and trimmer
  • Hypoallergenic blade
  • Painless, no razor burn
  • 1 AA battery provided with the pack
  • Both wet and dry use
  • IPX4 waterproof


  • No recharging options, need to replace the battery

Step By Step Guide on using a bikini trimmer 

Bikini trimmers are used by women both for hygiene and for enjoying their sexual life. While using these types of electric devices, you should keep certain things in mind.

Follow below things while you trying to use a bikini trimmer,

  1. Make sure the trimmer is cleaned properly. If you are using an electric trimmer, charge it fully. Cordless trimmers are best for a close shave.
  2. Trim down long hairs using a scissor so you can go for hair removal without any mess.
  3. Taking a warm bath for 10-15 minutes in a bathtub will be greatly helpful for trimming.  A warm bath can soften the hair follicles, making hair removal faster.
  4. Exfoliate the skin after the bath. This will remove the dead skin cells.
  5. Try to use shaving cream if you are trimming wet
  6. Now its time to trim the hair. Always trim in the same direction as your hair grows. 
  7. Soak and clean your bikini area once done with trimming
  8. Clean the trimmer head and blades in warm water
  9. Good to applying any moisturizing gel like aloe vera once the skin dry

Our Choices,

Each trimmer mentioned in this list has its own unique features and advantages. Our personal choices on the best bikini trimmers go to Philips Bikiniperfect Bikini Trimmer and Braun Silk-épil Bikini Trimmer.

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